I can act sober - Ask me about Virginia Woolf.
- My drunk best friend, ensuring me that he can fool others into thinking he hasn’t had one too many. 

If I’ve learned anything this past week and a half, it’s that if and when you reach your lowest of low and find yourself hurting, the best thing you can do is push on through and eventually things will get better. Once you reach rock bottom, the only way is up. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and good things will come.

Positive vibes to you all!


- Adriana

i feel like a disney princess minus the disney part because im not all that disney and heres dumb prince charming with his dumb heart and his dumb face and his dumb tattoos and his dumb thoughts and his dumb smile and by dumb i mean lovely and im going to cry why have i never felt this way about somebody before and where did he come from where did this all come from i am going to cry and hide under a blanket forever

Woke up to a lovely surprise email - getting published again :)

Happy days. 

Also, more surprises to come. 

- Adriana

Prose B4 Hoes.
- Ernest Hemingway in a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald, probably.

I look at you and think light. I look at you and think.

 I look at you and I look at you. 

How lovely it is for the moon to catch a glimpse of her sun.

meghhhhhhhhhhhan: Why do you put "do not reblog" on your selfies? I wasn't sure if it was reverse psychology or something and you wanted people to reblog, or if you'd get really angry if people reblogged them 😭

If I ever post a photo of myself or of my art, it’s just for the sake of sharing it momentarily. I may like my makeup that day, or my outfit, or I may have just finished up a drawing and want to share it with my Tumblr friends.

I’d rather not have my face or personal life all over the blogs of another. It’s just personal preference. 

I don’t want my photos reblogged. I’d rather keep them on my blog. I take them down after a bit.

I wouldn’t get angry. That’s not something to get angry over. If it ever happens, which might I add is seldom, I ask the person who reblogged it if they’d kindly delete it and I’ve never had a problem with them saying no. People understand. 

Thanks for the question, love.

- Adriana

Fuck moderation if it doesn’t suit you. Feel and live and don’t apologize for it.



turn me inside-out and i will show you

every mark,

every limb torn from its socket

in an attempt to hold you,

make you stay.

i will point out scars like a trail -

i am breadcrumbs and leaky faucets,

black lung and

vacant apartment buildings.

take my spine and split me down the center,

crack me open to your favorite page -

read the passages that

pulse through my veins and 

quote me as if the words you

ground between your teeth sharpened

were a city of gold, a fountain of youth. 

read me to your children, grandchildren

i dare you - 

tell them of the woman you ransacked

like a village,

how you set fire to her soul and

watched her burn like salem.

i pray you remember

as elephants do

that the words from your lips are 

tainted - red,

and that the monsters in your favorite books

are much less frightening

than the man who reads of them. 

keewee-flavour: Do you have any suggestions for getting more involved in the tumblr writing community or even just forming relationships with other writers individually?

Well, I’m a bit out of touch because I became “involved” last fall around November - December when I was posting poetry constantly but here are some suggestions, love. 

  • Join the #TWC (Tumblr Writing Community) tag by tagging your work. Also, tag it as #spilledink #writing #rejectscorner, etc. 
  • Search the #TWC tag and see who else is writing, and if you like their work, give ‘em a follow!
  • Join TinyChat chat rooms that are posted every so often. That’s how I got to really “talk” with other Tumblr writers. madworlddiary posts them often, and she’s a sweetheart.
  • Introduce yourself, love! Are there other writers you admire? Let them know, and get to know each other. Don’t feel awkward sending Asks. A simple hello can be a great start to a friendship.
  • When there are contests, prompts and writing things going around, feel free to do the ones that catch your eye and tag your work accordingly to get it out there and meet others!

And to all writers reading this, feel free to follow Kesia! She’s a beautiful soul and she writes absolutely lovely. 

Good luck, dear. You’re already considered my friend xx

- Adriana

Turning a giant piece of cardboard into something rad Part I & II.

Cardboard, acrylic paint.
My hand is about to fall off.

Good vibes. This is so unlike my art lol - Adriana
knicholai-deactivated20140725: How many times have you fallen in love in the rain? Oh, what I meant to say is; How many times have you fallen in love with yourself in the rain?

Oh, wow. 

Story time:

Two or so weeks ago, it was pouring out and it was around 11 PM. I sat in bed contemplating whether I should remain wrapped in blankets or run outside and play in the rain. I thought about it for a few minutes, threw on a cami and shorts and skipped out the front door onto the driveway. I just stood and turned about in circles looking up at this dark, dark sky and it - it overwhelmed me. I couldn’t tell you prior to that moment when I’d last stood or even felt rain without trying to run from it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed the rain, but I’d forgotten what it felt like - what it really felt like. 

A few minutes later, two of my siblings came out and reprimanded me, assuming there was an ulterior motive to my wanting to play in the rain. So, the moment was cut short. 

I didn’t exactly fall in love with myself that night, but I have a newfound appreciation for the quiet beauty in everydayness. And for that, I am eternally grateful. 

- Adriana

Ode to a Writer.


you blink

vicodin and think 

the world will forget that 

your hands are

red heads of matchsticks 

waiting for friction.



hills like white elephants and watercolor sky

penned hemingway between sips of scotch one evening.


we proclaim

through lens to a landscape -

polaroid-preserve nature; a fine moment indeed.


we insist

to charred mountain-range faces,

to brooks silenced in concrete from…



morning -

and i can no

longer tell if

my heart races from

the coffee or the

sound of your voice.