Please read.
Hello, loves.

No, my blog has not been deleted and has not moved.
seeyou-invancouver still exists.

i will be back soon.

i'm not quite sure as to how soon but i will try and make it as soon as possible. i have been having a very difficult time managing my mental health and overall state of wellbeing. i am doing what i can to get better in some aspects of my life, but in others, things have only continued to deteriorate. i do not have it in me to write, nor do i have the energy to communicate with others whether it be in person or online. i have shut my facebook and other social media outlets down for the time being and will be disregarding the majority of texts and phone calls recieved during this time. please understand it is nothing personal. i have left my ask box open but please understand i will not be replying to any prompts, requests, questions, personal advice etc. until i return.

i love you all. please take care, always write.
this is not goodbye. only see you later.

xx - Adriana